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Use forms to create surveys and fillable documents.

2 years ago

This is a great feature to have so we can pass data into a form, which goes into a project description, or a project/task completion report.

Check out how does it

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
a year ago

I also think forms could do so much more. If you have a Forms please include the following features:

-Display Form Data with Views: Table, Lists, Maps, DataTables

-Drag & Drop Form Builder: wisywig

-Repeater Fields

-Multi Page Forms (with Progress Bar): Split complex forms into easily managed multi-page forms that autosave on page turn.

-Reports, Graphs, Charts - Forms Dashboard: Display statistics and graph form submissions in an eye-catching way.

-Calculated Fields & Math: Give instant online estimates and calculate advanced product options.

-Conditional Logic/Dynamic: Conditionally show questions, branch forms, redirect, and send notifications.

-Save & Continue Forms: Logged-in users can save a form and resume later and auto-save drafts in multi-page forms.

-Multiple File Upload: Easily upload documents, files, photos, and music for user avatars, featured images, or email attachments.

-Summary (Review Before Submit): Empower users to review data before submitting

-Form Templates


-Mobile Responsive

-Schedule Forms & Limit Responses: Choose a date or set a response limit to automatically open and close forms.

-Assign Forms: Assign forms to guests, employees etc.

-Workflows: Approve, Deny - routing etc.

-Ecommerce Support: accept payments, donations or fees via a form with Paypal, Stripe etc.

-Digital Signature / Legally Binding

-Spam Protection

-Datepicker Options

-Entry Mangement: Update, search for and delete form submissions directly from Froms Dashboard area

-Fill Out Forms Automatically: Save time and increase form conversions by pre-loading data in your forms. Your forms will be loaded with whatever information you choose, without any interaction from your visitor/users. Additionally, you can have employees etc. that fill out a time off request form and when they click it - it will know it is them and fill in their name and date.

-Email Notifications / in app notifications

If you have questions message me directly. :)

a year ago